PMMS is dedicated to making owning investment properties as hassle free and profitable as possible. We are one of the most trusted full-service property management companies in the Lincoln, NE, area, and we have been providing exceptional service for over 20 years.

Our property managers are well versed in residential, multi-family, and commercial property management. We offer comprehensive rental property management services that maximize the earning potential of your Lincoln, NE, investments.

  • Residential Property Management We make it easy for you to turn a profit by renting residential properties in Lincoln, NE. We start by aggressively marketing your properties so you get the highest market rent rate possible. From there we handle all the logistics, from screening your potential renters, to collecting monthly rent checks and performing all necessary maintenance / repairs. Basically, our property managers take the hassle out of rental property management, allowing you to enjoy the benefits.
  • Multi-Family Property Management Multi-family property management, also commonly referred to as apartment management, poses a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Our rental property management company has the experience and expertise needed to accomplish the two things that will make your investment a success: 1.) retaining existing residents and 2.) investing in wise promotions and improvements that attract new residents. Learn more about our premier multi-family property management services today.
  • Commercial Property Management Commercial property management and maintenance requires a significant amount of time and resources, so let PMMS take care of it for you. We provide reliable and customized service that meets your commercial property management needs and maximizes the return on your investments. We provide direct assistance to your tenants, meaning that they come to us for all maintenance issues and lease / account questions. We also take care of all monthly collections and provide detailed financial statements and customized reports so you can easily track your property’s performance.