• Handle and process all maintenance and repair requests of owners/occupants.
  • Maintain Common Elements for Single Family, Townhome and Condominium community associations.
  • Obtain bids for maintenance and repairs for Board of Directors, the investor, or the homeowner’s review.
  • Supervise Capital Reserve projects.
  • 24 hour emergency maintenance services.
  • Report preventive maintenance repairs to Board of Directors, investors, or homeowner.
  • Perform scheduled inspections of the property by us.

Respond to all Resident Requests
Residents call us directly and we coordinate any needed repairs on the property.  Plumbing, HVAC, Appliance, and Electrical problems are all given 24-hour service. This helps to build resident loyalty and maintain the value of the property.

Coordinate Contractors
For major repairs and renovations on your property we get bids from various contractors in order to keep your costs low. Rental home or rental condominium owners are contacted for approval of any major repairs. We coordinate and schedule repairs with the tenants and the contractor.

Home Warranty Work
Getting in touch with warranty companies can take valuable time. Let PMMS do it for you. We contact the warranty companies and the resident to schedule repairs. We also follow up to make sure that repairs have been completed as required to protect your investment.

Inspection of Completed Repairs
All major repairs on your property are inspected thoroughly to ensure the quality of workmanship before the bills are paid.

Recommendations for Improvements of Your Property
PMMS will perform semi-annual inspections of your rental property.  We will provide recommendations for preventive maintenance and improvements to increase the value of your property.  For our homeowner associations, inspections are completed at least two times per month by the community association manager.